Triple digits = more water!

As temperatures reach triple digits in the Treasure Valley it is more important than ever to adequately irrigate newly installed sod.

Below are a few tips to give your new sod the best chances of survival:

  • Install sod immediately after delivery or pickup. The longer the pallet sits in the blazing sun, the faster it starts to decompose inside the rolls and dry out the outside of the rolls. This stresses the turf further, changing the color and decreasing the chances of survival.

  • Dampen the soil prior to laying the sod. Lightly water the sod as you install it, every 200-300 square feet.

  • After fully installed, drench every square foot of fresh sod so that the soil below the sod is muddy 2-3 inches down. It should be so wet that you can’t walk on it. NOTE: People and animals must stay off the sod until it fully roots — about 10 days to 2 weeks.

  • In temperatures above 90 degrees, and especially above 100, you will likely need to water the sod 2-3 times, maybe even 4 times a day until it roots. All soil types, yard grades and irrigation systems vary. Some yards require more water than others.

  • Carefully watch your sod in the few days following installation. If you see yellowing occur, that is likely too much water. If you see brown, silver/grey or purple tints, that likely means not enough water. Adjust accordingly.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email our office at (208) 467-5106 or [email protected].