Do you sell retail as well as wholesale?



Do you have a minimum order?

1 roll = 10 sq ft


What is the size of a roll?

5 ft x 2 ft = 10 sq ft


How do I measure the area?

See the website under “Install Guide


What is the lead time to get sod when I order?

Our sod is cut daily to ensure freshness, so we prefer to have at least 1-2 days’ notice


What days is sod available for pickup?

Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm (Closed for lunch 12-12:30pm)

Saturday: 8am – 12pm (mid-April – mid-October)



Hours are subject to change during the year!


Monday: Friday 8am – 5pm

Saturday: 8am – Noon

Sunday: CLOSED


Do you deliver?

We deliver Monday – Saturday with a minimum starting at 2100sq/ft*

Call at least 2-3 days in advance to schedule you timeslot

Additional delivery fee applies bases on location

* minimum increases based on location

How many rolls are on a full pallet?

70 rolls per pallet = 700 sq ft


How much does a roll weigh?

1 roll = ~55lbs (+/- ~15lbs based on moister levels)


How much does a pallet weight?

1 pallet = ~4000lbs (+/- ~1000lbs based on moister levels)


What are the dimensions of a pallet?

4 ft x 4 ft


Am I able to return sod if I order too much?

No! Sod is perishable so we do not accept returns.


How soon after I buy sod do I need to lay it?

Spring/Fall – Within 24 hours

Summer – Same day


What time of year is best to install sod?

Spring and fall are the best times due to milder temps. Mid-summer heat stresses the sod


What type of sod do you grow?

Premium Kentucky Blue grass / Perennial Rye Blend


How do I take care of my new sod?

  • Day 1: Water new sod enough to penetrate the sod 2” below the soil surface
  • Day 2-14: Water daily, once for at least 14 days to keep it moist (not saturated)
  • If the temperature is above 90° you may need to water twice a day
  • Stay off new sod for 14 days after installation
  • Once sod is rooted, go back to your regular watering schedule – 3x per week

For more detailed care instructions, please refer to our “New Sod Laying Tips” page


When can I mow?

2-3 weeks after installation. Mow a little higher than regular the first time or two


When should I fertilize?

4-6 weeks after laying sod (Triple 15). 15-15-15 nitrogen/phosphorous/potassium fertilizer is recommended. (Available at McKellip Sod farm). Spring, Summer & fall 5lbs / 1000 sq ft.


Can I lay sod on prepared soil which has been fertilized?

No, this is not recommended as it will burn the roots of the sod! However, if fertilizer is incorporated into the soil, it will be ok.


How much does your sod cost?

We charge by the square foot and prices are as follows: 

1-20 Rolls (10-200sq ft) – 70¢ per sq ft

21-49 Rolls (210-490 sq ft) – 45¢ per sq ft

50-349 Rolls (500-3,490 sq ft) – 40¢ per sq ft

350+ Rolls (3,500+ sq ft) – 35¢ per sq ft


Are pallets refundable?

Yes, when it is returned within the same year